World's Okayest Writer Fleece Blanket

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Cold writing environments be gone! We write better when we’re warm, and this blanket not only helps us stay that way, it expresses that secret, cheeky personality lurking beneath the surface.

You’ll start great conversations, share your personality, and celebrate your passions with this cozy, fleece blanket. And if you’re outside, it’s probably big enough to share...but having a second one so you can still have your own might be the best option!

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The fleece side of the blanket is soft and warm. You won’t have trouble either warming just your feet or covering up for a know, after you’ve written! And it folds to a manageable size making it easily portable so you can take it with you if you know you are going to be out and about. It’s also an ideal size for snuggling with that special someone!

And on top of the comfort, you get to humble brag with a bit of flair. Of course you are better than just okay, but this blanket allows you to play with expectations of others. And you’ll probably get a chance to brag about your latest novel, short story, poem, or even that screenplay you’re working on.

Of course, it could just match the mood you are in. We can be candid here: we all feel like we are living some kind of imposter syndrome as writers. It’s always so much better in our heads, and then we write it down and think, “what just happened?” Maybe this blanket will be a great reminder to shove those little voices that nip at you off to the side so you can get down to the real, hard work of writing. And if you like being cozy while you write, this blanket is a win-win!!

More than that, the dark blues of the blanket help it blend with many different decors, so it’s a great accent to any room, but especially to a writer’s room. Toss it over the chair or the couch to let others know “a writer is at work in this space.” But if you want to stay warm, even better. Our brains work better when the room temperature is at 72 degrees or warmer. We write better. Have elevated recall. So wrapping up in this blanket actually helps your brain work more efficiently while you are writing because you are tapping into the warmth you need to write.