Vintage Typewriter Write Ringer T-shirt

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Celebrate the craft of writing with this Vintage Typewriter Write Ringer T-shirt...or simply be the envy of other writers with it. But if you live with another writer, they may swipe it from you, so get two!

Very few of us write on typewriters anymore, but typewriters will always be associated with writers of creative material, and this Vintage Typewriter Write Ringer T-shirt is no exception. There are too many stories. Too much history. Too much nostalgia. And let’s be honest...we all love that sound of typewriter keys and that ever-popular *DING* at the end of a line.

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Ringer T-shirts have a classic and classy look, and these are amazingly comfortable. The extra color accents on the sleeves and the collar help draw attention to the shirt and its design. Be prepared to tell others where you got it because they will ask (!!). And the classic look matches the retro typewriter that’s front and center of the design.

Plus, you’ll be able to start conversations with other writers or those interested in writing when wearing this shirt, or you can just quietly celebrate one of your own personal joys: writing. But if your spouse, roommate, or teenager is also a writer, you’ll more than likely find them wearing yours, so be prepared to fight for it...or just get an additional one for them. 

And who doesn’t love a vintage typewriter? Just seeing an old typewriter makes everyone, whether they are writers or not, think of the craft of writing. And while you may not write your stories on an actual typewriter, you’d be in good company if you did. Novelists, poets, and screenwriters still use typewriters even today. So whether you are using a typewriter for a draft of your latest best-seller your short-story collection, your poetry collection, your screenplay, or you are just going full-blown, 100% old school, this is a great shirt to celebrate the writing life.

Made from 100% cotton (although depending on the color you choose, the fiber count may vary slightly), this shirt will quickly become one of your favorites. The label is tear away, and it’s lightweight (at 5.4 oz) to help you stay cool whether you are wearing it to write, to workout, or just around town.

Get yours today, or present one as a gift for a writer in your life!