Vintage Typewriter Write Laptop Sleeve

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Your laptop is your life, so you want to make sure you are protecting it. A great way to do that is to utilize these Vintage Typewriter Write Laptop Sleeves.

Not only will these sleeves help to protect your laptop, they’re great conversation starters. And even though very few of us own a typewriter anymore, much less write on one, typewriters will always be associated with writers of creative material. And who doesn’t love that sound of typewriter keys and the eventual and ever-popular *DING* at the end of a line? Just seeing an old typewriter lets us hear it.

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These sleeves are made of 100% neoprene with a faux fur interior lining. Plus, the material is resistant to water, oil, and heat, which will keep your laptop sleeve looking good every day.

Additionally, these cases are lightweight and feature a snug fit. The zippers are even padded on the inside so as to help prevent scratches. And let’s face it: writers can be a bit clumsy, so we need a case for our laptop. And these will not only add some color to your day, but they’ll protect your computer in the process.

The vintage typewriter adds some fun to this Vintage Typewriter Write Laptop Sleeve. Just seeing an old typewriter makes writers and non-writers alike think of the craft of writing. And while you may not write your stories on an actual typewriter, you’d be in good company if you did. Novelists, poets, and screenwriters still use typewriters even today. So whether you are using a typewriter for a draft of your latest best-seller, your short-story collection, your poetry collection, your screenplay, or you are just going full-blown, 100% old school, these laptop sleeves are a great way to celebrate the writing life.

Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to start conversations with other writers or those interested in writing when they see your computer sporting this case, or you can just quietly celebrate one of your own personal joys: writing. 

If you wanted, you could also use them for some of the larger sized tablets. Protect your gear because it’s carries your stories. So grab one for yourself or present one as a gift for a writer in your life.