Vintage Typewriter Persevere Canvas

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Keep going! Writing is hard, buy you got this! Enhance your writing space with this Vintage Typewriter Persevere Canvas...or simply let it inspire you on a daily basis. One of a set of five, you can pick and choose the canvases you want to get you in the proper writing mood and mindset.

Very few of us craft any kind of story on typewriters anymore, but typewriters will always be associated with creators of written material. So many stories. So much history. So much nostalgia. And let’s be honest...we all kinda love that sound of typewriter keys and then that ever-popular *DING* at the end of a line.

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These canvases with the wrap-around print have both a classic and classy look. They are perfect for any writing space, and you can mix and match them as you wish. Plus, the classic look fits with the retro typewriter that’s front and center of the design. Each of the five designs include different typewriters and color variations, so you can choose which ones you like. But persevering is a necessary requirement for all writers, so you may want to be sure to get this one.

And while most of us don’t pay much attention to our writing environment, the looks, the smells, and the colors can all have notable influences on our actual writing. And these canvases can help you control your writing environment to make it both inspiring and relaxing at the same time, which are two things writers need to hit their sweet spot of writing. 

And who doesn’t love a vintage typewriter? Just seeing an old typewriter makes everyone, whether they are writers or not, think of the craft of writing. And while you may not write your stories on an actual typewriter, you’d be in good company if you did. Novelists, poets, and screenwriters still use typewriters even today. So whether you are using a typewriter for a draft of your latest best-seller, your short-story collection, your poetry collection, your screenplay, or you are just going full-blown, 100% old school, this is a great canvas to celebrate the writing life. And it complements the other canvases in the set.

Made from 100% cotton rag, this canvas (and all in the set) have a hard sealed back with hanging hardware, making for an easy install. The colors are bright and sharp, and you will love hanging this one in your writing space.

Get yours today, or present one as a gift for a writer in your life!