Tell Stories Mug (15oz)

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These mugs honor the storytelling goal we all aspire to achieve: to tell stories that matter. You care about what you write. You live it. You breathe it. It matters to you not just as a craft but as a story. It matters. And this Tell Stories Mug helps you celebrate it in a bigger way… this one only comes in the larger 15 oz size (a little bigger than your standard mug).

So not only can you enjoy your hot beverage of choice, these mugs are great conversation starters. A well-told story can change the world, so if you’re going to tell a story, tell a story that matters. 

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When people find out we are writers, there is always the, “I have an idea for you” conversation. And yes, there are lots of ideas. Many of them would make for an entertaining story. But we aspire to more than that. We’re not ONLY trying to tell an entertaining story...we are trying to tell a story that means something. A story that matters...not just to us, but to those who will read, see, or hear our story.

This Tell Stories Mug celebrates the challenge of our craft. Others sit down and crank out a poem in ten minutes and think they are writers, but we know it takes more than that. It takes practice. It takes honing our craft. It takes time to cultivate our writing muscles to pursue excellence in every part of the process. And so we don’t come at our stories halfway. We are “all in” telling stories that matter.

The benefit is you can constantly remind yourself of this goal while drinking from this mug, letting it sit next to you while you write. Plus because it’s a larger cup, if you are a hot chocolate fan, there’s room for marshmallows. 

This mug is about the goal all of us who write should aspire to. Yes, we want to entertain. Yes, we want to make people laugh, cry, reminisce, fall in love, and all of those lovely emotions that make us love stories. But more than that, we want to tell stories that matter. To write novels, and poems, and screenplays, and songs, and short stories about things that matter...and perhaps we can make this world a better place because of the stories we tell. 

So let this Tell Stories Mug remind you of your calling. Of your responsibility. Or encourage another writer with one. Let’s elevate our stories and spin tales that matter.