Stanzas Schmanzas Mug

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Add some color to your drinks while at the same time celebrating the rebellious attitude embraced by poets everywhere! Sure, you write stanzas, but fie on those little things. This Stanzas Schmanzas Mug expresses that love / hate relationship we have with stanzas.

Dishwasher and microwave safe, you’ll find yourself gravitating to this mug that is also an ideal gift for the poet or songwriter in your life.

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It’s not enough to sit down and write one stanza or one poem or maybe even a whole song or epic ode and claim, “I’m a poet.” No. Those people are hacks. Poetry and songwriting is not easy, as much as some people want to claim, “Oh, I sat down at the piano and two hours later I had a song.” Nope. We know better.

But what it does take is a rebellious attitude. A willingness to see the world through a different lens than that which everyone else is looking through. And some will call us odd, or weird, or whatever, and we embrace it. We don’t care. Why? Stanzas schmanzas! We’re going to tell the stories we see and feel from the world around us, and the stanzas better get out of our way.

Yes, we have to shape our words to fit those poems or songs, but those of us who write verse redefine it every time we sit down to write. And most of us have a cup of coffee or some tea nearby. Caffeine helps us think for whatever reason...or loosens the muse.

The benefit of these ceramic Stanzas Schamanzas Mugs is that you can choose a color that inspires you or works for you--the handles and the inside of the mug are colored the same (we love the yellow ones!). Plus, you can toss them in the dishwasher (well, place, please don’t toss them!) when you’re done. Or, if you get inspired and start writing and only then realize you’ve still got your tea, but now it’s can zap it in the microwave and heat it back up. 

So inspire yourself with a bit of attitude while drinking your coffee or tea or hot chocolate for you truly rebellious types! And ignore the rules. Stanzas Schmanzas!