Put Your Heart on the Page Canvas

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Writing is scary. The very act requires us to expose our souls for the world to see. But the thing is: this is the ONLY way to succeed as a writer. And this Put Your Heart on the Page Canvas will remind you that it’s okay to be vulnerable, to be invincible, to put your beating, bleeding heart on the page.

A perfect addition to your writing space! It will encourage you through the rough patches. It will help keep writer’s block at bay. It will remind you to be vulnerable and put your heart on the page when you write. No fears. You got this!

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Here’s the thing: the only way to write, to truly write, is to be willing to be vulnerable. The very act is one of flaying your soul. Some people call it finding your “voice.” Some call it “channeling your muse.” But at the end of the day, it’s all the same thing--your writing, the very words you write, exposes you to the world. THIS is why everyone wants to write but few actually sit down and do it. And hanging this canvas in your writing space will be a great reminder for you to just get out of the way and bare your soul through your writing.

These canvases are made of finely textured cotton that is artist-grade. The backs are enclosed, but the edges are wrapped around to allow for some of the colors from the canvas to bleed around, which is perfect for this reminder to your writer-self to put your blood-pumping and beating heart onto the page when you write.

Allow this canvas to help you to celebrate your craft as you sit down to write. Allow it to help you push through writer’s block...we don’t have time for that! There are things you want to write. Things you want to share. Things you want others to know. And you have to write them down. You must write them down. To do any less is a dishonor to the craft.

Canvas Text:

Writing is an act of vulnerability. You scratch and claw to discern the essence of things, and then you scrawl your hopes, fears, dreams, & nightmares down on the page, but the very act of writing them down lets any reader gaze into your soul. Doing anything less is to wave a flag of surrender. You must write it. You have to write it. Embracing the best and the worst parts of yourself makes your writing come to life in its truest, most authentic form. So do not be afraid to put your beating, bleeding heart on the page. Anything less is failure.

-Jacob Michael