Live First Write Second Lined Spiral Notebook

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A great gift for the writer who is living life first! Make notes, lists, outlines, or drafts of your next story while you’re out and about...or maybe you need something for grocery lists or whatever. This Live First Write Second Lined Spiral Notebook is the perfect addition to your writing necessities.

118 pages of lined paper bound with a metal spiral. And the 6”x8” size is perfect for traveling or for staying in. As a bonus, the back cover has a document pocket for added storage space.

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Spiral Notebook

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The front cover is printed, and the back cover is solid black.

Some benefits of having the Live First Write Second Lined Spiral Notebook are:

  • It lays flat when you want to write. Books, folded journals, and other journals of similar ilk roll up, keep trying to close on themselves, and can be annoying. No more annoying here as these spiral journals naturally lay flat.
  • Great for Leftys and Rightys. The lines are on both sides of the page, so write on the side that’s convenient for you where your wrist isn’t resting on that spiral binding.
  • Small enough to travel with. Shove it in your backpack, purse, or briefcase. It’s easy to carry and not bulky, and you can always have something handy to write down your latest story ideas or outlines...or drafts.
  • Big enough to make it easy to read from. Some journals are so small that it’s just a pain to write in them. This one is big enough to be able to make several notes without having to flip a bunch of pages.
  • BONUS Storage Pocket. On the back cover, there’s a pocket where you can keep some other notes or important information for your story because you wrote the outline on a napkin while at lunch, so keep the napkin. And who knows? When your latest story becomes a bestseller or blockbuster, you can sign the napkin and sell it on eBay for a gazillion dollars!! (We can always hope, right?)

A lot of people say they are writers, but they don’t do the hard work of butt in chair and words on the page. And with this journal, you’ll have no excuses. Order your own Live First Write Second Lined Spiral Notebook today!