Ink Splatter Mug

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So you wanna say you’re a writer without shouting it? You want something that is uniquely YOU without it having your name literally on it? Then this Ink Splatter Mug is perfect for you. Ink splatters are part of writing, and even though we hate it when it happens, most of us have at least one draft with a nice splatter spot.

So share your joy of writing in a subtle way, and choose your size...either a normal mug size or the larger 15oz option. We have a delightful craft, and it’s worth celebrating.

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We get it. You don’t want to be THAT guy who sits just perfectly at the coffee shop so everyone can see his laptop screen and the screenplay he’s working on because he’s trying to be all, “I’m a screenwriter” without trying to be obvious. This is worse than the bad pickup lines in a bar. So you don’t want to be this dude.

And yet, you’re proud of what you do and of the words you craft on the page, whether you’re writing them on a computer or in a notebook as your first draft. This Ink Splatter Mug is a great and subtle way to participate in the joys of being a writer without shouting it. Some people like doing that...but that’s not you. THIS. This mug is you.

As a bonus, you get two sizes to choose from for this ceramic mug. You can stick with the normal coffee mug size, sure. Or you can grab the slightly larger mug, which allows you to pour a little extra into your mug, or to add marshmallows when you opt for hot chocolate on a cold stormy night (haha!!). 

But whichever size you choose, both are microwave and dishwasher safe, so if you need to reheat your drink, you’re good to go, and if you’re in a hurry, no need for hand washing here. You also get a larger handle, so you don’t have to try and lift the mug with one finger if you have larger hands. 

A great mug for you or for any writer in your life. Celebrate the writing craft, and the occasional ink disaster that is part of the life, and order yours today.