I Use Words to Make Pictures Mug

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Writers love words. And whether we are writing poetry, prose, or screenplays, we are using words to create images so vivid that others can see what we see in our heads. And the I Use Words to Make Pictures mug celebrates this aspect of the writing craft.

So this mug allows you to share your joy of writing, and you can even choose your size...either a normal mug size (the 11oz option) or the larger 15oz option. We have a delightful craft, and it’s worth celebrating.

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This durable, ceramic mug is perfect for writers who love coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. So on one hand, it’s the perfect gift for a writer in your life. But perhaps if you’re someone who has to have their Chai Tea in the morning, and you set it next to your laptop before you begin to write, then this is perfect for you!!

But what’s fun about this mug is it simplifies the writing craft down to a great image and goal for writers of every stripe. So whether you rhyme in time, or whether you wax eloquent for a short story, or whether you compress and tighten everything for a screenplay, our collective goal is to take our words and paint a whole visceral, visual world for those who consume our stories. 

Of course, one obvious benefit to this mug is the two sizes--a normal 11oz size or a bigger 15oz size for those of us who love our larger cup of morning joe. Or maybe you just like a lot of froth (or marshmallows for you hot chocolate lovers out there!) and you want the extra room so you don’t spill. Either way, you can choose the best size that fits your drinking habits.

And another benefit? Well, the concept of using words to make pictures is not just inspirational--putting out there the impetus for why we write--this mug is simultaneously aspirational--holding out in front of us a standard we all want to achieve everytime we sit down to write. To use our words in carefully crafted ways to make pictures that are forever imprinted on our audience. 

We know you’ll find the I Use Words to Make Pictures mug delightful!