Eat Sleep Write - Mug (11oz)

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When it’s time to write, it’s time to write. Nothing else matters. We forego the basics of life to get words on the page.

But this Eat Sleep Write mug can keep you company and keep the caffeine flowing. It’s also a great gift for the writer in your life, especially if they like their morning cup of joe or the late night decaf tea. 

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There is nothing worse in writing than being in sync with the muse and then ceasing our writing for the day, knowing tomorrow we will be able to pick up where we left off...only to find the next day the muse has deserted us. 

So what do we do?

We choose to not put any roadblock between us and the muse. We lose track of time. We forget to eat. We either forget to sleep or just willingly forego it altogether in the hopes the muse will not stop speaking to us, letting us channel her.

But we need at least some fuel to do that, and most of us opt for caffeine of the heated variation: coffee, tea, hot chocolate, warm Jell-O (don’t judge till you’ve tried it!!). Some of us just want a mug to pour our soda in because that’s just more fun than a can or bottle.

And if this is you--and we are guessing that if you are a writer, then this is 100% you--the Eat Sleep Write mug is just what the writer ordered.

You do know, however, the truth: the muse will return. But still, we can have some fun in the meantime, right? And of course we know this truth...but that doesn’t mean we still won’t stay up until 4 AM finishing that scene, that chapter, that stanza because you know we will. 

So let’s celebrate the bit of crazy that all of us are. We love writing! Make no apologies. And if you miss a meal, you miss a meal. If you forget to sleep, you’ll catch up on it later. All will be fine...especially if you take the time you need to channel the muse while she is speaking. 

Go ahead. Write. Eating and sleeping are optional.