Eat Sleep Write - Canvas Wraps

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Keep yourself inspired while giving yourself permission to write. Some days, it’s an hour-long writing sprint. Other days, it’s a marathon, and we write until we give out. And sometimes we just need a bit of inspiration or reminder of why we do what we do. The Eat Sleep Write Canvas is perfect for that.

This smaller canvas is perfect to hang near your favorite writing spot or put on your desk to remind you there’s no better time to write! 

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Full text: Eat Sleep Write Eat [forget to eat, stay up all night] Write.

This black print canvas is the perfect accessory for nearly every writing space. And while we’ve all pulled the “stay up way too late writing” thing, it’ll be a great encouragement to remember to eat and sleep along the way.

Some great features of the Eat Sleep Write Canvas are:

  • The print is on 100% cotton fabric, which finely textured into an artist-grade cotton substrate. This ensures a classic canvas look and one that will last. 
  • The frame is wooden, so it is lightweight and ideal for hanging on a wall or displaying on a picture tripod (you know, those little folding things you can display pictures with?).
  • The backing is a faux felt ensuring the canvas does not scar or mar your walls when you hang it.
  • Metal hanging hinge hardware is on the back, so you can use whatever hanging tools you prefer--nails, screws, adhesive removal tape hooks, etc.

And we write until all hours of the morning for fear our muse will disappear, but the truth is the muse will return. But still, we can have some fun in the meantime, right? And of course we know this truth...but that doesn’t mean we still won’t stay up until 4 AM finishing that scene, that chapter, that stanza because you know we will. 

So let’s celebrate the bit of crazy that all of us are with the Eat Sleep Write Canvas. We love writing! We make no apologies. And if you miss a meal, you miss a meal. If you forget to sleep, you’ll catch up on it later. All will be fine...especially if you take the time you need to channel the muse while she is speaking. 

Go ahead. Write. Eating and sleeping are optional.