A Blank Page Is Full of Possibilities Mug

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Push the fears aside! Yes, blank pages can be scary, but turn this mindset around. Focus on the positive. On what could be. On the possibilities. And with the A Blank Page Is Full of Possibilities Mug, you get an opportunity to kick writer’s block in the teeth when, instead of looking at a blank page as something that requires perfection the first time around, you see that the blank page is indeed full of possibilities.

And you can do it while drinking your favorite hot drink from this mug. So be afraid no more. Buy one for yourself or one for the writer in your life. And dream of the possibilities.

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You, my writing friend, have excellent ideas. And let’s be honest: none of us gets it right the first time anyway. We all spend time drafting, and we do it because it makes our writing better. And yet, when we get to a blank page, we freeze. We’re terrified that what we write is going to be wrong or in the wrong direction.

So what? You know that most of the time we start off telling one story only to find the real one buried underneath, so don’t put all of the pressure on yourself. Let this ceramic mug remind you to see things differently. To see the possibilities.

The blank page isn’t a monster. And as soon as we write something, the imagined monster seems to wither away into nothingness. Turn it around. Look at it differently. And it doesn’t matter if your blank page is a literal piece of paper or a computer screen. Just write. You can change it later...it’s a draft anyway.

And this mug can remind you to look at the blank page in a new way. To push the writer’s block aside. To see that in reality a blank page IS full of possibilities. And while you’re filling your page with the glorious ideas in your head, you can be sipping on coffee, or hot tea, or any other hot beverage of your choice. And all the while, you’ll be reminded to not back down from that blank page. Instead, this mug will help to remind you that the blank page has no teeth (literally...it doesn’t have any...well, unless you draw some on it).

So if you find yourself wrestling with writer’s block--or you have a friend who is a writer who wrestles with it--this mug is a great reminder and a way to push through it. Plus, you get coffee along the way. Or tea. Or hot chocolate. With marshmallows.

Imagine the possibilities!